Jamal Hussein is a Sunni Muslim dream interpretation researcher and analyst, who was born in Egypt 1977. He wrote several famous books in Arabic to represent dream interpretation methods according to the correct Islamic resources: The Noble Qur’an and The Hadith of the prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon him). since 2004, He has interpreted thousands of dreams for Muslims and non-Muslims, which helped them to understand dreaming hidden language that may tell the dreamer useful and helpful information about his or her present and future life.

For dream interpretation, please follow the next two steps:

(1) Before dream interpretation, please make a payment of three United States Dollars (or equivalent) for each one dream you would like to ask about.

Dream Interpretation Service Payment Form

Dream interpretation service will cost forty US dollars (or equivalent) for each ten dreams subscription. To complete payment, please, click on the suitable payment icon, whether PayPal or Credit Cards. The checkout button will count forty US dollars for each ten dreams or questions.* The number 1 in the box below refers to a single subscription 40 US dollars for 10 dreams. If you write 2 in the box it will double the subscription to 80 US dollars for 20 dreams ... and so on. Thank you.


 (2) After making the successful payment, please write your dream in the contact box below, and, kindly, answer the following questions within your letter too, which will be useful for providing you with the most accurate dream interpretation. Your answers will be kept private.

What is your Age and Race?

What is your religion? (Muslim/Christian/Jew …) – Are you religious? (Yes/No/Somehow …)

Marital Status and Sexual Orientation (Married/Single/in relation…)

General health condition – Career Type or Job Title

What are your most important hopes in life in general?

Do you have fears or obsessions? What are these?

*I may ask other questions to clarify some points in a specific dream. Answer time doesn’t exceed 48 hours.

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