Islamic Dream Interpretation Service

Assalamo Alaikom

Welcome to the dream interpretation service of

Jamal Hussein


Jamal Hussein is a Sunni Muslim dream interpretation researcher since 2004

My scientific method is based on the Koran, the Hadith, and the Islamic authentic heritage of dream interpretation rules since the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), his companions, and the most leading scholars of Islam

I interpreted thousands of dreams through Islamic internet forums, various social media, and other websites

I wrote a number of informative and reputable books and researches on dream interpretation

Please, read the content of the box below before sending your message

Dream Interpretation Service Payment Form

Dream interpretation service will cost forty US dollars (or equivalent) for each ten dreams subscription. To complete payment, please, click on the suitable payment icon, whether PayPal or Credit Cards. The checkout button will count forty US dollars for each ten dreams or questions.* The number 1 in the box below refers to a single subscription 40 US dollars for 10 dreams. If you write 2 in the box it will double the subscription to 80 US dollars for 20 dreams … and so on. Thank you.


After completing the check out process, please write your question through the following form. I will answer you within 24 hours.

Dream Interpretation Contact Form

*Note: By completing this payment, the payer testifies that he/she has no right for a refund after three days from the transaction date

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